Our motivation


Osteria de' Cicalini is a place to celebrate and appreciate the city and Florentine cuisine. We offer modern cuisine without forgetting the deep roots of Tuscan tradition. We look forward to hosting you, your family and your friends at Osteria de' Cicalini.

Working at Cicalini's is incredibly rewarding as I help create unforgettable, intimate dining moments for our guests with our delicious, locally-sourced dishes.

Head waiter

Working in a top-tier restaurant has significantly contributed to my growth as a chef. The professionalism and high standards of the restaurant inspire me to continually strive for excellence and deliver an exceptional dining experience to our guests.

Sous chef

Working at Cicalini's allows me to showcase the true essence of Tuscan cuisine, focusing on simple, high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes. The joy of my work comes from seeing guests appreciate the authentic flavors and rustic charm of our dishes.

Head chef



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Special selection


Beef burger meal

Classic greek salad, barrel aged feta cheese, bread

Roasted lamb rump

Grilled lamb cutlets, pomegranate glaze, butternut squash

Pan seared sea bass

Saffron and mussel’s broth, new potatoes, edamame beans

King prawns and lobster

Creamy saffron, sauce Vierge

Citrus cured salmon

Horseradish creme fraiche, beetroot mousse, oil

Pan seared scallops

Saffron, celeriac puree, black pudding, olive oil

Baked Camembert

Red onion marmelade, garlic Foccacia bread, grilled fig

Braised ox cheek ravioli

Mediterranean olives casserole, celeriac puree, mushrooms

Corn fed chicken

Wild mushrooms, truffle potatoes, braised leeks, carrots

Nduja pork chicken terrine

Smoked duck breast, pistachio, smoked pancetta

Our selection


Tuscan wines, celebrated worldwide, are crafted with meticulous care from the region's renowned vineyards, producing exceptional varieties like Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. These wines embody the rich terroir and centuries-old winemaking traditions of Tuscany, offering complex flavors and unparalleled elegance in every sip.

Cicalini’s tasty offer