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Fabio, Turi, and Eli have been friends since childhood, their bond forged in the narrow streets of a small Albanian village. Each shared a dream of moving to Florence, the city of art and romance, where they would one day open a restaurant that celebrated the rich traditions of Tuscan food and wine. They often sat during long summer nights, discussing their plans, their voices filled with hope and determination.

Years passed, and their dream led them to Florence, where they worked tirelessly in different kitchens, learning the secrets of Tuscan cuisine and soaking in the vibrant culture. After years of saving and countless hours of hard work, they finally found a small, charming space in the heart of Florence. It was nestled in a cobblestone alley, its windows adorned with vibrant flower boxes that spilled over with color.

They named it “Osteria de’ Cicalini”.

Today, we raise a glass of Brunello di Montalcino, as a symbol of our journey and our love for the land that has welcomed us. “To Florence, to our dream, and to the enduring spirit of Tuscan cuisine.”

Working at Cicalini's is incredibly rewarding as I help create unforgettable, intimate dining moments for our guests with our delicious, locally-sourced dishes.

Head waiter

Working in a top-tier restaurant has significantly contributed to my growth as a chef. The professionalism and high standards of the restaurant inspire me to continually strive for excellence and deliver an exceptional dining experience to our guests.

Sous chef

Working at Cicalini's allows me to showcase the true essence of Tuscan cuisine, focusing on simple, high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes. The joy of my work comes from seeing guests appreciate the authentic flavors and rustic charm of our dishes.

Head chef